Sponsorship consists of creating a bond with one of the inhabitants of the Sanctuary and feeling that you are part of their life, even if you are in the distance. It means becoming your best best friend. You help cover part of his maintenance and veterinary expenses with a monthly fee, and you get involved in his growth and his life in the Sanctuary.

We will periodically send you news of your sponsored animal so that you can share with us his/her life in freedom. And you can also come see him and spend some time with him … And with us, of course.
It is part of your life and happiness.

Choose to be the best friend of one of the animals that live in the FairyTale Sanctuary.

  • Vsi
  • Ježki
  • Kokoši|Petelini
  • Konji
  • Koze
  • Krave|Biki
  • Mački
  • Psi
  • Pujsi
  • Živali
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