Lana and Luna

Lana (black) and Luna (white), born in 2015, are two beautiful Labrador mixes. They are sisters who were found abandoned in a forest in Serbia when they were still puppies. When they were first found, there were five puppies without a mother, but the next day, only Lana and Luna remained, and they were then rescued. They came to us when they were a couple of months old. Lana was weak and couldn’t even climb stairs. They were both very afraid of men and would even steal food from hands and plates due to their previous experiences. After a few months of rehabilitation they lost all their fear and gained strength.

Lana and Luna are like yin and yang, almost identical but with opposite colors. They are almost always together, constantly waiting for petting and food. They happily greet every visitor to the Pravljica. They enjoy going for walks and running in the nearby forest or just lounging in the sun… the dog’s life is so beautiful.

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