Lizka & youngsters

Lizka was initially a gift from a husband to his wife. After the husband passed away, the wife couldn’t take care of Lizka anymore, so they placed her with another family that already had other pigs. Lizka formed a close bond with one of the males there and was living happily again. However, it didn’t last long. The killing of pigs began, and they even killed Lizka’s partner in front of her, which deeply traumatized her. She narrowly escaped death only because she was rushed to us. When November 2015 first came to us, she was very distrustful of people. She wouldn’t allow anyone to touch or pet her, growled and hissed at people, and even occasionally nipped if we got too close to her or, later on, her piglets. About a year later, she generally had no issues with people and occasionally even enjoyed being petted. This is the typical fairytale transformation that happens sooner or later to all animals (and people) who come to us!

When she arrived, we didn’t know she was pregnant! She was quite overweight because she had been fed only bread and milk, which is unhealthy for both humans and piglets. So, the birth of her little piglets was a complete surprise! She now happily lives with her children, Tito (the largest), Ficko, Lola, and Piti. They like to snuggle together in one of the pig houses. They grow thick fur for the winter and enjoy splashing in muddy puddles during the summer.

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