Nejko (born in 2018) is the twin of Herkul, and he was born to the rescued goat Mirka in 2018. Due to complications during birth, he was born with a broken leg. He immediately received a cast, and for the first three days, he couldn’t stand on it. He had to be bottle-fed, which he liked so much that he didn’t want to drink from his mother anymore, even though he spent most of the time with her. We fed him every three hours, day and night, so we took him with us everywhere. As he grew, he couldn’t understand that he was no longer getting a bottle and had to stay with the herd. What remained is his spoiled behavior, stubbornness, attachment to humans, and mischievousness. He lets everyone know that he’s the boss. He loves being petted and is curious about everything. He got his name because of his loud neeeeeee sound.

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