A young goose couple was brought to us in April 2017 from a very traumatic environment. In their original home, Pik and Pika had just started laying eggs. The female geese spend most of their time sitting on the nest and tending to the eggs, while the males guard them. The females very rarely leave the nest, and both parents protect the eggs with their lives if necessary. Unfortunately, a slaughter of animals on the farm started around the same time. Naturally, Pik and Pika fiercely defended their nest. They narrowly escaped a bloody death thanks to their neighbors, who pulled them away from the nest and brought them to safety. They even managed to save one of the eggs. They were quickly brought to us. However, the traumas and injuries were severe. A dead chick hatched from the egg, which further traumatized Piko and Pika. Pika didn’t want to leave the nest for several months, and we had to make a considerable effort to care for her broken wing. They plucked their feathers due to stress and sadness, became very aggressive toward humans, and extremely distrustful. Despite all the care and love they received, their traumas still linger. Slowly, very slowly, they are calming down, and we hope that in time, they will fully relax and learn to trust us.

Unfortunately, Pik suddenly passed away in June 2023. We found him dead early in the morning, lying beside Pika, who was laying an egg. We were all in shock! We were worried about Pika, who was so deeply attached to Pik. We posted their sad story on our Facebook page, looking for a new goose, as Pika was grieving intensely, and we were afraid she might die of saddnes. We found a goose named Pilot, who is very friendly with people. Pilot became Čopko, as we liked the tuft of feathers on top of his head.

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