Sara and Sita

Sara and Sita (both born in 2014) were originally destined for a terrible fate: one for meat and the other for exploitation in the dairy industry. They came to the Fairytale in the spring of 2016. Here at the Fairytale , they have the opportunity for a different life: a natural life where they spend their time without suffering, pain, or abuse. When they are excited, they jump and run around. When they want peace, they go to the far end of the pasture, graze, lie in the grass in the early morning sun, or simply stand in one place and ruminate. They enjoy complete freedom on the pasture, along with Ferdinand and Miška. Sara and Sita are in family with Nika, who also lives happily and freely in Nika’s Friendly Village.

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Čudoviti video, ki prikazuje prihod Sare in Site v naš pravljični dom leta 2016.

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