Speedy was sold as a “mini-pig” when he was very young. He was taken away from his mother when he was less than two months old, much too early. The owners were told he wouldn’t grow much more and that he was suitable for living in an apartment, just like having a pet dog, lying down quietly and going to sleep. However, Speedy kept growing, became more lively, and started to destroy their apartment and yard. He tore up tiles and dug holes under the fence, rooted under carpets and parquet floors. He began chewing on furniture, and when the desperate owners couldn’t handle it anymore, they brought him to us in June 2016.

Pigs have a natural need to dig and root in the ground, so they require enough space and time to engage in this behavior. Speedy now lives with other pigs and can dig as much as his heart desires. He was very affectionate and friendly, and if you petted him, he would lie on his back and allow you to stroke his belly. He also happily grunted alongside. Unfortunately, in 2022, Speedy fell seriously ill, refusing food and losing weight. The vet eventually determined that he had liver failure, and sadly, there was no possible help. We were very sad to see him go, and we will always miss him.

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