Teodor, born in 2016, is a pig of a meat breed found by the highway when he was a few months old. He literally jumped off the transport vehicle on its way to the slaughterhouse. In essence, he’s a truly lucky pig to have been found and even luckier to have been brought to us instead of being sent to slaughter. He is incredibly good-hearted, curious, lovely, and very calm, much like an adorable dog. He is a farm pig, bred for rapid growth and weight gain. He weighs around 300 kilograms. Due to his injured leg, he requires special care, and we need to monitor his weight. He is also very strong and could easily carry a person if he decided to!

Interestingly, his ears don’t seem to grow in proportion to his body. When he was smaller, they appeared disproportionately large, and even now, his ears couldn’t be described as “small”! Hence the nickname “Dumbo.” For us, he’s simply Teo, and with his friendly personality and amusing ear size, along with the wagging tail and head rubbing when he wants to be petted, we’re fortunate to have him. He often brings a big smile to our faces. We miss him very much.

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