About us

Everything started with dreams and through dreams. In sleep and in wakefulness. Even as very young, Iris and Aleš dreamt of each other, dreaming of a large farm and a big family. Yes, we dreamt a lot, thanks to fairy tales. We listened to them and read them, just like our children do now. There was almost no difference between fairy tales and the “real world.” Everything was possible. And now, it is again…

In between, we learned many things, experienced a lot, fell and got up again. Often, it wasn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t right. And we strive to stand for what is right.

After a very long time, Zala Lorena, Samuel Micha, Jonatan, Lev Arian, and Isabella Amari have joined us again. Each in their own way, each with their own lessons. With purpose and lessons, animals have started to join us as well. First, they came to us seeking help – for rescue, for food, for a safe and free home, for a friendly hand and a compassionate soul. Now they are an indispensable part of our family, our Fairy Tale, and yours.

Now, all together, we contribute our own piece to the mosaic of the first peaceful farm for farm animals in Slovenia, in the Fairy Tale. There is so much of all this that we help others find their path in life – with ancient knowledge, new discoveries, their own perception, and intuition. With warmth and gratitude, with joy and hope.

In the Fairy Tale, everyone can now find what they need in their own way: relaxation, insight, inspiration, and the strength to take action. Come and join us on the journey of life, and you will find your own fairy tale worth living.

Otherwise, what can you really lose? Fatigue, ignorance, distrust, fears, your old self… oh, how liberating that is:)

Welcome, Lavrič family