Postanite partner

At FairyTale Sanctuary we offer non-human animals the opportunity to live their lives freely, enjoy it and create family and friendship ties with other animals. For this we must have an economic support that we alone cannot take charge of. If you to be part of this project, just need to select “Monthly” and the amount that best fit you.

Animals need food, veterinary attention when necessary and adequate facilities for their comfort and safety. For this we need your collaboration. By becoming a collaborator, you participate with us to make this reality possible, so that we can adequately care for the animals that live here and provide the necessary care that they need. By becoming a collaborator you help us directly to improve the lives of animals and to be able to rescue more lives.

Becoming a collaborator means that you believe in our project and that you want to participate in it, that you consider that animals deserve to live their lives and not be participants in the exploitation they are subjected to.