At Pravljica, you can celebrate your BIRTHDAY in a fairy tale style. 😊
We’ll take care of preparing a magical birthday experience; all you need to do is invite your friends, and the fun can begin.

How will we have fun?

A 3-hour animation with 2 to 3 activities of your choice.

You can choose from the following activities:

1. Forest-themed treasure hunt (hunt in the woods) .
2. Archery.
3. Getting to know and feeding the animals.
4. Popcorn catch (roasting popcorn in an open pot over a fire, and kids catch them in cups).
5. Making and baking bread on sticks over the fire (counts as 2 activities).
6. jumping in hay (if there is enough hay in the barn) or games on the hay.
7. Old farm-skilled games.
8. Activities of your choice.

We offer various snacks for your tummies, including fruit, pretzels, grissini, popcorn, or as per your preference, and drinks such as water, juice, or tea. We also provide all the necessary utensils.

Just bring your own cake and candles.


The cost for a fairy tale birthday celebration is 180 euros for up to 12 children. There is an additional fee of 10 euros for each extra child. We accept up to a maximum of 15 children.

Dates are available according to your preferences, provided we have availability.


For all additional information and registrations, please contact us at: or call: +386 40/757-578.



* Possible for smaller groups of 6 to 8 children

Children who enjoy cooking, baking, or are curious about what dishes people and animals can eat will surely appreciate a culinary fairy tale celebration of their birthday.

What delicious things will we cook and season with a touch of magic?

  • Cooking and baking food as close as possible to what our animals eat, so we can share it with our little friends.
  • Baking cookies in the shape of animals with carrots/apples.
  • Preparing “hay” sweet green spaghetti.
  • We will prepare your favorite dish in an animal and environmentally friendly, vegan way.


The cost for a culinary fairy tale celebration is 180 euros, including the venue, drinks, all the ingredients for preparing the dishes, and animation. Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks before your desired date.


For all additional information and registrations, please contact us at: or call: +386 40/757-578.