Material needed

Our sanctuary is based in the donations, therefore, any donation of materials, tools or food will do a great change.

We need your help and support to improve the life conditions of these beautiful souls.


Galvanized wire, 2.7 mm

Insulators Posts 20-25 cm in diameter and 1.80-2.00 m in length

Handles for electric fences

Construction timber


Knauf boards (Drywall or gypsum boards)


Fine and coarse sand

Fence panels 

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panels 

Waterproof varnish 

Stable matting (Barn rubber) 

Leveling compound 

Concrete or cement 

Reinforced mesh 

Alcathene pipes 

Underfloor heating 

Electrical installations

Plumbing installations




Corn and barley mash

Lick salt

Hay pellets