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The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary

FairyTale Sanctuary is a refuge that offers home and affection to animals rescued from different situations. Our mission is to provide a decent life for farm animals that have no place in most shelters. The tranquility of the place, located in Pravljica (Ljubljana), surrounded by nature, is ideal so that the non-human animals that arrive here live in peace and harmony.

Our mission
Our mission

FairyTale Sanctuary was founded in 2012 by Iris and Aleš and became the biggest and first educational farm animal sanctuary close to Ljubljana to save animals in need and thereby promote respect for all living beings.

Our main mission is to save lives, meet their individual needs for food, shelter, veterinary and emotional care. We provide adequate facilities for each individual, which gives them security, but at the same time allows them to have a life as natural and free possible. We are creating an environment where every soul can be free, respecting our differences but at the same time, being a big family. We want to share and educate in the respect of nature, awareness ,supporting the skills of every individual and live in harmony.

Our family

It all started with dreams. Iris and Aleš dreamed of each other of a
big farm and a big family, already when were children. Yes, we dreamed a
lot, thanks to fairy tales. We listened to them and read them, as our
children do now. There were almost no differences between the fairy tale
and the “world”for them. Anything was possible. And in the FairyTale it
is again.

On the way, we learned a lot, experienced even more, fell and stood
up again. often is wasn’t easy at all, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t
right. And we try to stand for what is right.

After a very long time, we were joined again by Zala Lorena, Samuel Micha, Jonatan, Lev Arian and Isabella Amari
. Each with their own purpose and lessons. Just as the animals came,
one by one, each with their own purpose. Now, everyone creates and is
part of this unique Fairy Tale family.

Now we all contribute to create the mosaic of the first peaceful
sanctuary in Slovenia, in Pravljica. With all our experiences – with
ancient and new knowledge, our own perception and intuition we intend to
help other beings to find their way in life.
With warmth and gratitude, with joy and hope.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened
FairyTale Sanctuary