Za Otroke in Družine

FairyTale Sanctuary is located in Pravljica, 10 km from Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The date and time of the visits need to be arranged beforehand.

The visits are educational and raising awareness in the respect to animals. They are never recreational or leisure in nature. We also share the stories of the animals sheltered in the sanctuary and how they came to us.

These are visits aimed at getting to know in depth the life of the animals, the work carried out in the sanctuary and, above all, getting to know the refugee animals with the utmost respect.

On the other hand, if what you are interested in is collaborating with us in some way and being part of our volunteering, you can write to

* Frequent questions

Is it necessary to reserve?

Fill out our questionnaire and you will be notified by order of registration when we reopen visits.

Can I feed the animals?

Most refugee animals have special diets, please do not allow feeding any animals.


What does it cost?

We are a non-profit organization, so we do not charge anything. However, we spend time and effort in organizing the visits, so donations are welcome.


Can I bring my dog?

For the safety of the refugee animals, dogs are not allowed in the shelter, nor are they allowed to be kept on a leash at the limits of the land or locked in the car.


Am I obliged to take a guided tour?

All visits are made under the supervision of the sanctuary’s managers and volunteers who will guide visitors at all times.

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